Reach Thousands More People without Spending Thousands More Dollars

How We Told People We Were Closing a Bridge Using Programmatic/RTB Recently, Seventh Point helped develop a public awareness campaign for a year-long bridge closure. Community outreach was done, including community engagement, press releases, and digital and print ads in the newspaper. But media is changing. We needed to make sure we reached the people […]

Crisis Communications Planning for Transportation

Establishing a Crisis Communications Plan for each transportation project will mitigate negative repercussions and shorten crisis response time. Identify the possible risks associated with your project through discussions with your public relations team, legal staff, executives and project managers. Create a series of talking points addressing each potential crisis. These preparations facilitate immediate media response, […]

Many Don’t Know How Much They Pay for Roads
Transportation in Hampton Roads

Many Don’t Know How Much They Pay for Roads – As Congress continues the search for a new way to fund the nation’s roads and bridges, it turns out that many American taxpayers don’t know how much they’re paying for them now. Forty percent of those who participated in an advocacy group’s survey said they […]

Developing Your Communications Plan
Social Networking

Developing Your Communications Plan Once you have a handle on the target audiences for your transportation public affairs campaign, and a clear understanding of the impact of your project, your next step will be mapping out a Communications Plan. Careful attention should be paid to the unique risks and opportunities pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction. […]