Lefty Engineers
Lefty Engineer

In our work with engineers we’ve discovered many are left handed, maybe a disproportionately large number. Engineers are tenacious problem solvers. They are also pretty creative. Research tells us these abilities are common among most southpaws. While maybe 10 or 12 percent of the population are left-handed, why are so many lefties earning their daily […]

Identify Key Stakeholders and Reach Thousands of Motorists

Most transportation projects will affect more than just the traveling public. Because it is important to reach out to anyone who may experience impact, a thorough and accurate key stakeholders list is essential. In addition to motorists, key stakeholders may include municipalities, city officials, businesses, first responders, the military, civic leagues/neighborhood groups and area residents, […]

Media Relations: Get them Involved and Keep the Coverage Going

If you want to execute some control over how your project is portrayed in the media, you need to consider your approach to media relations and media training. A proactive media relations program can promote positive news coverage during the project. Media training will prepare key spokeperson(s) from your project to stand up on camera. […]

Crisis Communications Planning for Transportation

Establishing a Crisis Communications Plan for each transportation project will mitigate negative repercussions and shorten crisis response time. Identify the possible risks associated with your project through discussions with your public relations team, legal staff, executives and project managers. Create a series of talking points addressing each potential crisis. These preparations facilitate immediate media response, […]