Millenials and Mobility: Understanding the Millenial Mindset
Transportation PR Staff

The Millennial Generation, those born between 1982 and 2003, is the largest and most diverse generation in American history. According to Millennial Makeover, a seminal volume on generational change, 40% of Millennials are African American, Latino, Asian or racially-mixed compared to only 25% of the next two older generations. Millennials are also living through times of economic […]

Industry Publication Coverage
Traditional Advertising

One of the most crucial steps in any PR undertaking is identifying your prime audience. For transportation construction projects, one of the key segments of your audience is other industry professionals. While many PR campaigns cater to the general public, don’t overlook the value of sharing your story with your peers. The best opportunity you […]

Building the Brand
Seventh Point Builds Trust

Establishing a unified and powerful brand, coupled with consistent graphics and messaging in all communications materials, is a crucial early step in a successful transportation PR campaign. Your brand will communicate the project details, impact, and benefits, as well as deliver a clear and concise message and maintain project credibility. Why Your Project Needs a […]

Developing Your Communications Plan
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Developing Your Communications Plan Once you have a handle on the target audiences for your transportation public affairs campaign, and a clear understanding of the impact of your project, your next step will be mapping out a Communications Plan. Careful attention should be paid to the unique risks and opportunities pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction. […]

Create a Marketing Plan For Your Transportation Project
marketing plan

Create a Marketing Plan For Your Transportation Project Look at any successful communications plan, and you’re likely to see a combination of strong media relations and a marketing communications or advertising plan. A marketing plan allows you to control both the content and the placement of the message. This may include a mix of online […]