Identify Key Stakeholders and Reach Thousands of Motorists

Most transportation projects will affect more than just the traveling public. Because it is important to reach out to anyone who may experience impact, a thorough and accurate key stakeholders list is essential. In addition to motorists, key stakeholders may include municipalities, city officials, businesses, first responders, the military, civic leagues/neighborhood groups and area residents, […]

Pushing the Limits of Pavement

With more than 2.6 million miles of paved roadway in the United States, pavement is one of the most essential elements in the surface transportation system. However, the public may not realize that pavements are engineered structures constructed with deliberate choices in layer thicknesses and materials. At the same time, pavement materials are natural resources […]

TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION: Midtown Tunnel sections now floating toward Portsmouth

The Elizabeth River Tunnels (ERT) Project team has begun the process of towing down the first six of 11 tunnel sections for the new Midtown Tunnel. The tunnel elements will be towed from the SKW Constructors JV fabrication facility in Sparrows Point, Md., to the Portsmouth Marine Terminal in Portsmouth, Va., in preparation for placement […]

Lawmakers support new Hampton Roads transportation commission

RICHMOND – A key House committee advanced two bills Tuesday that could overhaul transportation spending in Hampton Roads and across the state. House Bill 1253 would create a new commission with the power to borrow money and implement tolls in Hampton Roads. Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration says the change would inject more local control into […]

Reckless Driving Bill to Protect Cops Introduced in VA

RICHMOND, Va. — The bill requested by the family of Virginia State Trooper Andrew Fox has been introduced in the Virginia State Senate and assigned to the Senate Transportation Committee, according to Virginia State Senator Phillip P. Puckett, D-Russell. Legislative Services assigned the number SB 293 to the bill. The bill summary is titled: “Reckless […]

HRTPO Ex Dir: region to see $25 billion in transportation funds
transportation funds

In the next 26 years, 2014 to 2040, Hampton Roads likely will have more than $25 billion to address its transportation issues, from maintenance and replacement to new construction. Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Executive Director Dwight Farmer delivered that news to organization’s board at its monthly meeting on Thursday. Farmer said at least $6 […]

Workforce Development

Workforce development – attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce – is critical to the continuing success of the public transportation industry. The industry faces a severe shortage of skilled and seasoned employees as thousands of workers from the baby-boom generation approach retirement over the next five to ten years. Other significant workforce challenges facing […]

Transit Options in Virginia Beach

January 18, 2014 This week, Virginia Beach learned it’s likely to cost $1.3 billion to extend light rail through the Hilltop commercial district to the Oceanfront in 2018. By comparison, bus rapid transit would cost $885 million. But those numbers depend on who’s chosen to build the system and what technology is used. The effect […]