Develop a Paid Advertising Media Plan

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The medium is the message.” While it isn’t quite that simple, choosing the right medium (or media) is crucial to communicating your message successfully. When it comes to paid media for transportation projects, you need know what you want to communicate, designate a medium, and optimum timing to reach to your prime audience and then allocate your media resources and budget to maximize the number of motorists your advertisements reach. When it comes to paid media Seventh Point knows how to create and place advertising to reach motorists in both traditional and digital mediums.

Determine Your Media
Media is all around us—from our cell phones and laptops to TV, radio and outdoor advertising. Unless you live somewhere remote and “off the grid,” media will reach you. Put another way, virtually every member of your target audiences will come in contact with multiple forms of media each day. The trick is determining which media have the greatest impact. It will vary depending on your message. For instance, if you want to announce an upcoming project, you could place print ads, purchase billboards or secure a spot on local TV or radio—all of which will be received in a more passive, “informational” frame of mind by your audience. But if you wanted to send an update about an unscheduled lane closure or some other late-breaking development, you might utilize text messaging or e-mail, more active forms of media that will reach commuters on their smart devices and communicate a sense of urgency. In short: Message will dictate medium.

Paid Advertising for Your Project
Ads are a powerful way to familiarize people with your project and generate interest and enthusiasm, as well as confidence. A strategic media purchase plan for broadcast, outdoor, print and web can effectively reach target audiences about lane closures, project status and scheduling. Paid social media provides a way to reach new audiences and raise awareness for your project through strategic, less overt marketing tactics. In combination with more organic social media tactics, paid advertisement is essential to target messaging blind spots that might not be exposed through other initiatives. Seventh Point can help you identify your media priorities and purchase the perfect ad placements.

Media is everywhere—which means your transportation project has a strong potential to reach your target audiences. Utilizing paid media, in conjunction with a good public affairs plan is the best way to maximize budgets and reach all impacted motorists. Ideally, your public affairs partner will also have strong, established relationships with local media and with media organizations responsible for billboards, print and online ads. These relationships will work in your favor by allowing your partner to secure more impactful—and often, more affordable—media placement.