Workforce Development

Workforce development – attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce – is critical to the continuing success of the public transportation industry.

The industry faces a severe shortage of skilled and seasoned employees as thousands of workers from the baby-boom generation approach retirement over the next five to ten years. Other significant workforce challenges facing the public transportation industry include a generally tight labor market, an increase in technological requirements across job functions, and the growing diversity of the workforce.

During the past several years, APTA has helped members address workforce development issues by conducting surveys and other research to identify key challenges and opportunities in this area, as well as by convening a Blue Ribbon Panel on Workforce Development, which presented its recommendations to APTA in 2010. These and other resources are available below.

APTA’s business plans have several goals related to implementing the recommendations of the blue ribbon panel, including conducting APTA’s second Youth Summit, broadening the promotion of the “National Public Transportation Career Day,” and developing and launching new professional development programs, products, and resources.

Do you know what programs and resources are available to improve your knowledge and skills as a transit professional?