Capabilities & Services

The TransPR team’s capabilities and services are comprehensive, from developing communications and media plans, to executing PR and media strategy, to creating integrated media campaigns with impactful print and digital work. We are an extension of the public entity for many high-profile transportation projects, and have experience cross-collaborating with engineering firms, the media, and communications departments to develop successful public outreach.

Communications Plans and Project Presentations

Identify strategic marketing and media opportunities and guarantee their successful execution. Develop and deliver on-point and in-depth presentations to key stakeholders.

Media Training

Ensure camera-readiness and effective public relations through extensive research, training, rehearsal and role-playing.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Work closely and seamlessly with local Department of Transportation Public Affairs, Communications, and engineering firms.

Public, Community, and Business Outreach

Connect with key stakeholders and the media to generate positive public opinion.  Bring key businesses on-board through strategic engagement, including event planning, media and marketing.

Outreach Dashboard

Execute and monitor every aspect of community outreach through a proprietary dashboard interface, providing instant real-time feedback on the success of your public affairs campaign.


Guarantee we have the right answers to all questions — before they’re asked — by performing an extensive review of key data and demographics, monitoring the media and engaging with key stakeholders at every phase of the project.

Media Buying

Make smart and strategic media purchases for broadcast, print and web that establish both a brand for your transportation project and engender favorable public reception.

Creative Services and Interactive Web Design

Develop powerful branding and a strategic “look” for your project through graphic design, ad development and broadcast, print and web marketing. Market your project to the masses through an impactful website, online ads, and social media.

Production Services

Engage key audiences through expert video, radio and print ads, while ensuring all deliverables are executed on schedule and on budget.

Billing & Invoicing

Minimize mistakes and reduce errors through our streamlined invoicing process, which includes extensive experience with DOT requirements and voucher preparation.