On Point worked with Southeastern Transportation Partners (STP) to provide public relations support for The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Our full-time dedicated public information officer works directly with VDOT to manage public relations, marketing, and community relations for Elizabeth River Tunnels. The On Point Public Affairs Team also developed, launched and maintain a custom communications dashboard, which tracks all PR activities in accordance with the client’s agreement and technical requirements. Our outreach efforts to engage community members bring all key stakeholders to the table, including legislators, municipalities, civic leagues, military, and businesses in Hampton Roads. Special focus was given to creating public awareness and managing community relations throughout the right-of-way acquisitions process, addressing citizens’ concerns to prevent negative reactions toward the Elizabeth River Tunnels project.

  • Downtown Tunnel, Midtown Tunnel & MLK Freeway Extension.
  • The Downtown Tunnel connects Dowtown Norfolk to Dowtown Portsmouth.
  • VDOT & Transportation PR work together on the Elizabeth River Tunnels projects.
  • On Point Transportation PR is heading up the media for the MLK Freeway Extenstion.
  • The Midtown Tunnel connects the Ghent area of Norfolk to Portsmouth & The West Norfolk Bridge.
  • Transportation PR is currently working with VDOT on The Elizabeth River Tunnels Project.