In Spring 2016, we began working with The Lane Construction Corporation (LANE), in partnership with STV, Inc., on a design-build contract for the Richmond region’s first bus rapid transit system. Known as GRTC Pulse, the project is a 7.6-mile corridor beginning on Broad Street in Henrico County and connecting to Main Street in downtown Richmond, extending to the City’s East End. VDOT is utilizing Federal, state and local funds to oversee construction and implementation of GRTC Pulse on behalf of the Project Team, which includes Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC), City of Richmond, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) and Henrico County. On behalf of Lane Construction, we served as the project public information officer (PIO), collaborating with VDOT and project partners to provide consistent, ongoing messaging about the project to provide public stakeholders with information and awareness on the project. Activities include managing a 24-hour construction hotline; responding to public inquiries relating to construction; keeping project partners informed of construction schedule and progress; assisting GRTC and project partners with hosting 20 public information meetings; print and radio advertising and radio public service announcements; producing printed collateral materials for public information purposes; and producing and executing elements of a project communication strategy and emergency response plan. GRTC Pulse is expected to be operational in October 2017.